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Urgent Care in Houston TX

Walk-in care for everyday medical needs

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Faster, low-cost emergency room alternative

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Welcome To Doctors Express
Urgent Care in Houston, TX

Doctors Express Houston urgent care centers are open every day with extended hours. No appointments are needed at our walk in clinics and we accept most insurance plans.

Doctors Express Houston treats everything from cuts and bruises to fractures and colds and everything in between. We have on-site lab tests, x-rays and prescriptions with no appointments needed. We're a state-of-the-art urgent care center with professional medical staff on-site every day.

Quality, Quick & Convenient Medical Care

Our professional and experienced medical staff at Doctors Express Houston can treat numerous issues:

  • Colds & Coughs
  • Breaks & Sprains
  • Infections
  • Allergies+ Bites & Rashes
  • Cuts & Burns
  • Earaches, Fever+ Pediatric Illness
  • Vomiting
  • Aches & Pains

Doctors Express Houston provides high-quality, urgent care at a low cost! When you come to Doctors Express Houston you'll be seen by a physician every time. Our professional staff of physicians, x-ray technicians and medical assistants are here to not only provide you with high quality care but a positive experience.

Our urgent care center has a comfortable lounge to wait in, a very friendly and professional staff and state of the art equipment (including digital x-ray and a full lab) to take of all your urgent care needs.

Abdominal Pain Dizziness
Skin Infection
Abscess Ear Ache
Skin Irritation
Aches & Pains Fever
Sore Throat
Acid Reflux Flu/Influenza
Staph Infections
Strep Throat
Allergies Heartburn
Urinary Tract Infection
Anxiety Hemorrhoids
Asthma Infections
Athlete's Foot Inner Ear Infection
Back Pain Joint Pain
Bites & Rashes Kidney Infection

Bladder Infection Migraine


Cold Sores
Pink Eye



Sinus Pain / Sinusitis



"This Place Is By Far The Best! I Went In As An Emergency, I Got Bitten By A Dog! I Have No Health Insurance So I Couldn't Of Gone To The Emergency Room Without Getting Charged A lot! I Just Walked In, Filled Out Some Paper Work And In Less Then 5 Mins They Were Already Taking Care Og Me! Everybody Is Very Friedly! They Make You Fell Right At Home! At The End I Only Ended Up Paying Like $200 Vs. $700-$900 If I Would Of Gone To The Emergency Room For The Same Care! I Really Recommend This Place!"

- J.S. in Houston, Texas


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Check In Online for Doctors Express HoustonGet Directions for Doctors Express Houston TXCall Us at Doctors Express Urgent Care Houston Texas
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